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Kayla Hutchinson

Mortgage Broker


Kayla began her professional career in the financial industry in 2013 with a major financial institution, where she had the opportunity to assist clients with their financial goals and guide them through the process of financial planning. After becoming a Mortgage Specialist for the bank, Kayla discovered her passion was helping individuals and families build wealth through real estate. As a member of one of the top teams in Canada, she was able to acquire invaluable knowledge and experience that she continues to utilize in her current business.


In 2021, she made the decision to become an independent Mortgage Broker, feeling that she was not able to act in the best interests of her clients while working for the bank. Kayla is passionate about providing her clients with a tailored experience, negotiating the best product and rate, and delivering outstanding service.


Kayla offers assertiveness, a determined attitude, and a compassionate demeanour during negotiations with lenders on her client's behalf. Her commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals is unmatched, and her dedication to finding the best possible deals is unparalleled. Her mission is to ensure that each client understands their mortgage product and terms, secures the most competitive rate, and meets their financial goals.

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